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To provide technical expertise and interventions to support the promotion of local and international standards in blood transfusion and related practices in Kenya and beyond”

'Safe and effective blood transfusion practices and related health services

To make blood transfusion medicine safe and effective for the benefit of all.

The Regional Society for Blood Transfusion Kenya (RSBTK), is a National Indigenous Professional Organization dedicated to promoting safe and effective blood transfusion practices in Kenya and beyond, through advocacy, training, mentorship and capacity building at the National level and in the individual health facilities. The Organization is affiliated to International Society for Blood Transfusion (ISBT), University of Nairobi (UON), Infection Prevention Network (IPNET) and International Alliance for Patients Organizations (IAPO) as an Associate member.  RSBTK is also a member of the Ministry of Health ‘’National Advisory Committee on Blood Transfusion’’. The Society is registered by the Kenya Medical and Dentists Board to train and issue Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points to health workers.

The Society was registered in October 30th 2007 as a non- profit, professional Organization and has its National Secretariat based in Nairobi, Kenya. It is governed by a constitution with membership consisting of individual, corporate and honorary members. The Organization’s business is managed by a Board of Management comprising of individuals with recognized long experience in management in public and private sector, as well as medical practitioners and specialists in the field of blood transfusion.

RSBTK has a network of experts working in institutions of higher leaning, middle level training colleges, referral and teaching hospitals and facilities offering health care provision within the country.

For efficient delivery of it's mandate, RSBTK has three working committees:

  • Technical Working Committee
  • Policy and logistics Working Committee
  • Research and Training Working Committee


The need for an indigenous, non- profit making and nongovernmental organization to provide technical expertise and support to the existing blood transfusion systems in Kenya was conceived as early as 1994. The attempt to register the organization as an NGO did not materialize at the time due to the existing red tapes within the Ministry of Health.

With the vision, persistence, innovation and focused commitment of a few founding Kenyan members, RSBTK was registered on 30th October, 2007.The main objective for the establishment of the organization was to address the perennial and critical shortages of blood and blood products at all hospitals in the country, advocacy for and promotion of safe blood transfusion practices as well as to improve knowledge and skill of health workers through training and mentorship. Since its registration, the Society’s capacity has grown in terms of membership and systems and has recorded significant accomplishments on the objectives for which it was established. RSBTK is a member of the National Advisory Committee on blood transfusion, as well as on Infection Prevention control, appointed by the Ministry of Health.

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