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Current Involvement

  1. Provision of support to Hospital Transfusion Committees (HTCs)
  2. Facilitation of CMEs on blood transfusion at the healthcare settings
  3. Provision and facilitation of mentorship on blood transfusion at the health care settings
  4. Steering and co ordination of the RSBTK conference organization process
  5. Maintenance of RSBTK national and international linkages and networks
  6. Involvement in the development of the Kenya National AIDS Strategic Framework (KNASF).
  7. Provision of Technical Assistance and support in the implementation of the proposed Systems Strengthening And Improvement, Nyeri Blood Transfusion Satellite Center Upgrading



Kindaruma Road (Off Ngong Road), P.O Box 2584 - 00202, Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 2437932, Cell: +254 716 110490, 738 143328, Fax: +254 20 263470. Email: